The fun never stops!

So, in addition to the laptop running Mint that I was tinkering with last night, I’ve got a Windows 7 desktop (making ebooks requires InDesign, which will have nothing to do with Linux even under Wine) and a server running Ubuntu server 12.04. The server has a RAID-1 with all my work files, writing projects, music, and whatnot on it, as well as some other things like a TS3 server.
Yesterday, as I was pounding out some JavaScript homework before class, we had a bit of heavy rain roll through—heavy enough to actually bring some thunder and lightning with it, which is rare in these parts! So, shades of childhood and West Virginia summer storms, isn’t this lovely… and the power flickers. Well, that’s annoying, but no big deal since I’m working on the laptop. I churn out the rest of the homework, head off to class, and then get ensnared in the learnyounode madness.

I’d completely forgotten about the power thing until I sat down at the desktop today and wanted to put some music on, and noticed that WinAmp was just flipping through all the files. “Oh, right—the server is down, so it can’t find any music. Better turn it back on.” If only things were that easy:

Well, that sounds sub-optimal. Fortunately, I’ve got this fresh-off-the-presses Mint 17 boot disk; I’ll just slip that in and see how things look. It boots no problem (well, once I tell it to boot from optical drive, anyway), and there I am in Mint. Where I can see all my files, but not touch any of them—they can’t be mounted for one reason or another. So it looks like I need to figure my way around GRUB; it sounds like the problem is that the grub.cfg is missing, and it’s presumably even more freaked out than normal because there’s a RAID-1. I’ll update as I try things and figure stuff out. For starters, this seems like a good reference.

Update: Well, a long day of tinkering finally got it working. Many thanks to kraxor over at AskUbuntu who pointed me at a previous post that pointed me to the boot repair disk, which eventually did the job!

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