Yep, still here

Well, I’ve been learning a heap of new things lately—I’m doing Portland Code School to further my JavaScript knowledge, which is great fun. We’re about 4 weeks in at this point. Until now, it’s been pretty straightforward stuff for me; a lot of what I learned in teaching myself some Ruby applied pretty well. I’m having to spend more and more time with furrowed brow, going “Why isn’t this working?” lately though—which is good fun! Well, I guess more in retrospect than at the time, but…
Anyway, I’m going to be noting down the important and useful things I figure out here. They may not be important or useful to anyone else—I make no guarantees there. Likely topics will include JavaScript, linux, vim, and Ruby once I get done with the PCS course and have more time to play. Publishing, specifically ebooks, will probably make occasional appearances as well, as Digital Bindery is still going strong. Who knows, maybe we’ll even get into games, books, kung fu, or biking.

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