Haskell and the Towers of Hanoi

I’ve been interested in Haskell for a couple of months now, but teaching at Portland Code School has been keeping me busy enough that I haven’t had the time to give it more than a cursory glance. Over the week of Labor Day, we gave the students some extra time off, so I took that […]

Super Simple Sinatra & Slim Site

With Portland Code School all wrapped up (or at least mostly–I was asked to TA for the current class, so I’ve been doing that a couple of nights a week), I decided it was time to knock the rust off my Ruby and apply some of the JavaScript stuff I learned to Ruby. To that […]

Vim splits and tabs

I was doing some coding down at Portland Code School recently, and a classmate wandered by and paused when he saw my screen. “Is that Vim?” he asked. “What plugins are you using to make it look like that?” The screen he was looking at was much like this one: This is actually all plain […]

The basics of Backbone.js

I’ve been learning my way around Backbone quite a bit lately. It’s definitely a powerful library that can do some pretty cool things—enable you to change the layout of the page without having to make a server call, for example. Like most cool and powerful libraries, though, it can be difficult to wrap your head […]

Overview of a full-stack javaScript site, part 2

Yesterday I detailed the code we’ll be using on our Portland Code School group project to interact with the server and the database. Today we’ll look at the libraries we’ll be using on the client side to make everything work smoothly. Client-side code is becoming more and more important as sites try to improve load […]

Overview of a full-stack Javascript site, part 1

So, capstone projects have started at Portland Code School. Our task is to figure out a web app we want to build, and then to build it. We have to include client-side, server-side, and database code—the whole nine yards. We’ve got a pretty good idea of what we’ll be building in my group, but it’s […]

Vim generating invisible extra lines?

I’ve had a strange problem crop up a few times recently when working on a couple of projects—Node projects each time, but I don’t know if that’s particularly relevant. Occasionally I’ll run jshint on file or just try to run it with node, and I’ll get an error like the following:

On Mouseless Computing

Well, I’ve been continuing to delve into Vim (and JavaScript too, of course). An interesting side effect of using Vim a lot is that I’ve started getting annoyed when I have to actually use the mouse or trackpad or whatever. On the laptop running Mint, I can usually go for a fairly long stretch of […]

Farther down the road of Vim

It’s been a few weeks since I wrote anything about Vim, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been using it. In fact, it’s all I’m doing my coding in on my laptop, and I’ve got gVim up and running on my desktop to replace Notepad++. There are a number of things I still have yet […]

Of Callbacks and Onions

I already mentioned that we’re going through LearnYouNode at PCS. The problems have been pretty good by and large, butone of them stands out for the time it took me to wrap my head around it: number six, titled Make It Modular. The problem is based on a previous problem, in which you have to […]