I got really excited the other day when I stumbled across the Pentadactyl extension for Firefox. It tries to do exactly the sort of thing I’d love to see done: it brings Vim-style movement to the Internet. It’s a very well-done extension—it does its job very well indeed. The problem is, the job is a […]

On Mouseless Computing

Well, I’ve been continuing to delve into Vim (and JavaScript too, of course). An interesting side effect of using Vim a lot is that I’ve started getting annoyed when I have to actually use the mouse or trackpad or whatever. On the laptop running Mint, I can usually go for a fairly long stretch of […]

Time for an upgrade

Well, between having a couple more things come up in class that were issues because I was still running Mint 14 and having just backed up the laptop anyway, last night I decided I might as well go ahead and upgrade to Mint 17. It’s a lll be long-term support version; apparently it’ll be supported […]

The fun never stops!

So, in addition to the laptop running Mint that I was tinkering with last night, I’ve got a Windows 7 desktop (making ebooks requires InDesign, which will have nothing to do with Linux even under Wine) and a server running Ubuntu server 12.04. The server has a RAID-1 with all my work files, writing projects, […]

Consequences of RSS feeds

One of the most challenging things about new technology is having to adapt to it and not being able to predict how it will influence things. I’m particularly interested in RSS feeds in this regard. Feeds are great, because they make it really easy to check a number of blogs that you’re interested in, without […]