I was quite flattered to be asked to speak at my graduation, in company with my classmate Dehlia McCobb. I could go on for ages about what a great time the publishing program at PSU was and how much I learned there, but my speech summed it up pretty well. So here it is: So, […]

A prediction

The future of publishing is a big thing to speculate about; there’s a lot of change happening in a lot of different directions. There are the purely technological changes, like new ebook readers coming out; the business changes, like corporations buying up each other; and there are the distribution changes, like distributors providing content for […]

A new step for ebook readers

When I first read the news that Nintendo was moving to turn their hand-held DS game system into an ebook reader, I was pretty excited–Imagine, turning a wildly popular game platform into a Kindle competitor! Sadly, it’s not as cool as it could be. It looks like Nintendo is releasing a single collection of 100 […]

Written by a genuine person!

More stuff cropped up today that resonates with Accelerando. Linda from Ink and Paper tweeted about an article on Mashable about a pretty fascinating service. Or program. Or some combination thereof. It’s called WordPressDirect, and it’s essentially a blog automation service. You get the program, decide what sort of niche you want to blog about, […]

Three things at once

I’ve recently been reading Charles Stross’s Accelerando, and that, combined with the news that the Google settlement has gotten preliminary approval and the recent offer I got from Verizon for a new phone has made me think that I’m probably going to go for a high-end phone come June or so. In Accelerando, Stross paints […]

On ebook pricing

I’ve had thoughts floating around in my head for a while about ebook pricing, and Oprah’s recent endorsement of the Kindle served to bring them back out into the light again. In the article, she is quoted as saying about the Kindle platform “The books are much cheaper.” The article then goes on to mention […]