On Mouseless Computing

Well, I’ve been continuing to delve into Vim (and JavaScript too, of course). An interesting side effect of using Vim a lot is that I’ve started getting annoyed when I have to actually use the mouse or trackpad or whatever. On the laptop running Mint, I can usually go for a fairly long stretch of […]

Time for an upgrade

Well, between having a couple more things come up in class that were issues because I was still running Mint 14 and having just backed up the laptop anyway, last night I decided I might as well go ahead and upgrade to Mint 17. It’s a lll be long-term support version; apparently it’ll be supported […]

And this is why I love Linux?

We just changed gears at code school tonight—up to now we’ve been hitting programming fundamentals, from basic stuff like loops and types and whatnot on through factories and prototypes and into scope and closures, which still make my head hurt if I look at them too closely. But tonight we left all that behind and […]