TOC day one: XML, XML, and some XML

Whew, it was quite a day–a good one, but a long one, and I have to admit to a certain amount of brain overload. Lots of fascinating details about XML and how to use it in publishing. The idea of using geospatial tagging in ebooks to produce books that can give different content is a […]


So, I’m pretty excited about next week; I get to run off to New York to go to O’Reilly Media‘s Tools of Change for Publishing conference, which will run from February 9-11. I’m footing the bill myself, which is somewhat painful, but fortunately I have a good friend with a spare bedroom in Brooklyn (as […]

TOC registration opens

Registration has just opened for O’Reilly Books‘ Tools of Change conference in New York. As reported in the TOC blog, O’Reilly is offering a chance to win free admission to the conference to four authors of personal accounts about “your experience with a new technology, technique, or strategy based on the shifting publishing landscape.” These […]