Vim splits and tabs

I was doing some coding down at Portland Code School recently, and a classmate wandered by and paused when he saw my screen. “Is that Vim?” he asked. “What plugins are you using to make it look like that?” The screen he was looking at was much like this one: This is actually all plain […]

Vim generating invisible extra lines?

I’ve had a strange problem crop up a few times recently when working on a couple of projects—Node projects each time, but I don’t know if that’s particularly relevant. Occasionally I’ll run jshint on file or just try to run it with node, and I’ll get an error like the following:


I got really excited the other day when I stumbled across the Pentadactyl extension for Firefox. It tries to do exactly the sort of thing I’d love to see done: it brings Vim-style movement to the Internet. It’s a very well-done extension—it does its job very well indeed. The problem is, the job is a […]

On Mouseless Computing

Well, I’ve been continuing to delve into Vim (and JavaScript too, of course). An interesting side effect of using Vim a lot is that I’ve started getting annoyed when I have to actually use the mouse or trackpad or whatever. On the laptop running Mint, I can usually go for a fairly long stretch of […]

Farther down the road of Vim

It’s been a few weeks since I wrote anything about Vim, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been using it. In fact, it’s all I’m doing my coding in on my laptop, and I’ve got gVim up and running on my desktop to replace Notepad++. There are a number of things I still have yet […]

First steps with Vim

Ebook creation has always involved a lot of html and css editing. Because it also tends to require InDesign, I’ve been unable to do much of it in Linux. So, for the past many years, I’ve been using Notepad++ as my editor of choice. Now that I’m doing Code School, I’m spending more and more […]